About Us

Our Mission:

EASE Animal Massage helps animals lead a happy, healthy and long life by facilitating realignment and rebalancing
both, physically and emotionally.

Our Commitment

We understand and respect that your pet is your family, we will always put the health and
well being of your pet first and foremost.

Our Values



We are passionate for all animals, and consider ourselves so lucky to be able to work with animals every day while enhancing their lives.



All living things deserve respect, and our animal clients are no exception. We always treat them with the utmost care and attention.



You can trust that your animal is always in good, warm, healing hands. Our hands are meant to hold and help, calm and EASE.



Animals do not have a voice of their own. But we have that special understanding of animals that allows us to read their body language, to know what they are thinking and feeling.



Working with animals is not only rewarding, but also fulfulling. Knowing where and how to touch, requires patience and understanding.

Elizabeth “Betsy” Fey (Owner):



Betsy graduated from California University of PA with a degree in Marketing.  Having worked for Nabisco, H.J. Heinz and GlaxoSmithKline, she led a team of analysts and provided in-depth category analysis for every nationally operated food, drug and pet food retailer in the U.S. Betsy also has significant knowledge in loyalty data, segmentation, demographics and psychographics.

Her pure love of animals has been evident since she was a toddler and introduced to her dog, Bucky, a Miniature Schnauzer. Since then, she has said “hello” to 6 wonderful animals (dogs, cats, and a rabbit). Every one of them holds a special place in her heart and have brought much joy to her life.

The story of EASE Animal Massage™:

It was 2006 and Betsy’s cat, Eli, underwent emergency surgery. Other complications resulted in Eli having compromised kidneys and the need for subcutaneous injections.  He survived not only that year, but for 6 additional years.  After numerous talks and visits with her vet, she said, “mark my words, someday I will work with animals – that is a promise”.  However, leaving corporate America is not that easy, she loved her job, her fellow associates, and her company. But, when her corporate headquarters relocated to another state, her husband encouraged her to pursue her dream, to follow her passion and to do something that made her happy from the inside.  And so EASE Animal Massage™ was born. Formal certification and training ensued with 100+ hours dedicated to canine anatomy and physiology, massage theory and hands-on techniques. Betsy also obtained certification for dog handling.

So Why the name EASE Animal Massage™:

Nearly every pet that Betsy has ever cared for had a name starting with the letter “E” or had an “E” sound in it, plus her father would always ask, “How are the E’s doing”, a memory she will always hold close.  So, “EASE” came naturally, it is personal and besides … Every Animal Should Experience –Animal Massage.