What can I expect during an initial massage session?

Together, we will review the intake form including needs, expectations, existing conditions and goals. Our provider will be formally introduced to your companion animal with positive vibes. Assessments will begin once your pet begins to feel comfortable, safe and settled, then simple yet effective techniques will commence.

Can I stay in the room?

Yes, we promote and support a calm environment, so as long as this can be achieved, you are welcome to be with your pet during the session.

What is the typical massage environment?

The massage environment is very important and to support a calm atmosphere, there should be minimal distractions, and be located in a quiet and serene area. Other pets, children and external interruptions such as, phone and, TV should be avoided.

Are all animal massage sessions created equal?

No, not all animal massage sessions are created equal. All massage sessions begin with an assessment, and based on findings and goals, we individualize for your pet’s specific needs.

What is touch with intent?

This is where the session becomes customized. We respond and listen to where your pet is needing or wanting to be touched. It is about being totally present for your companion pet, the touch is both conscious and intentional.

Why a medical intake form?

The intake form is a necessary part of the assessment process and allows us to provide the best care. This also allows us to track progress and make adjustments along the way.

What is the cost?

There will be a one-time new client fee of $15.00, this is when we review your intake form, get introduced to your pet and introduce your pet to massage.  This time varies and is solely dependent on the needs of your pet.

Base prices are determined by weight:

  • <15 Lbs.             $ 45.00
  • 16-69 Lbs.        $ 60.00
  • 70-99 Lbs.        $ 75.00
  • >100 Lbs.          $100.00

There may also be a nominal fee if consulting your veterinarian is required

What areas do you service?

We are located the North Hills of Pgh., we are mobile and we service practically anywhere. Please contact us with any questions.

What are some benefits for animal massage?
  • Reason #1, it enhances quality of life
  • Helps to maintain/restore flexibility, ROM (range of motion)
  • Increases or rebalances circulation (blood, lymph, cerebral-spinal fluid and oxygen
  • Can strengthen the body by stimulating muscles and increases muscle tone and use
  • Helps to develop trust and become more sociable
  • It energizes the mind and increases alertness
  • The ability to go on longer walks/enjoying walks again
  • Return to normal activities e.g. up/down stairs, in/out of car
  • Better movement, gait and posture
  • Addresses the whole body and patterns of overcompensation, not just one limb or the back
  • Helps to rehabilitate muscular injury e.g. strain
  • Reduces irritation to sensory nerve endings found in fascia resulting in a dog more willing to be groomed/examined/petted
Is there a cost to contact my veterinarian?

If a veterinarian consult is deemed helpful or required, there may be a nominal fee depending on length of the consultation.

How did you come up with the name EASE Animal Massage?

This is more than just a business, it’s a passion. There’s a lot of meaning behind the name “Ease Animal Massage”.
Every Animal Should Experience –Animal Massage.

Is there a travel fee?

The first 30 miles, round trip from the 910 & I-79 interchange are included with your at home or office session. A travel fee of $1.50 p/mile will only be added after the first 30 miles.

Are you insured?

Yes, EASE Animal Massage is fully insured.

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