Hear what some of our clients are saying about us!
We are so pleased that our services have been such a success and we have met so many wonderful clients (and their owners).

“…Elizabeth’s calming presence had Kramer adjusting well in no time!  He absolutely melted when she began the massage and almost fell asleep at one point!…”

Alicia L. Ellwood City, PA

I see that animal massage is of value, it’s truly therapeutic for the dog and for the human watching the techniques being performed, and we have complete and total trust for Betsy’s work.

Lisa B. Pittsburgh

It was not long after she started the session that I could see a transformation in his demeanor, I was amazed… Betsy, I can only describe as a dog massage angel, I would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica W. Allison Park, PA

“My dog Honey had an amazing experience with Betsy today! We were so happy to have her here and I’m excited for our future sessions!”

Kim R. Pgh. PA