Is Animal Massage Right for Your Pet?

November 9, 2018

Just like in humans, animal massage is more than just for pampering. Animal Massage not only promotes a happy, healthy pet, it goes far beyond providing a multitude of both physical and psychological benefits.

Understanding the Benefits

The many benefits associated with the power of touch includes:

  • Reducing stress
  • Improving circulation
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Reducing pain, soreness and stiffness
  • Promoted healing
  • Boost confidence and trust
  • And much more!

Animal massage, in some instances, can also be done for specific therapeutic purposes, under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. In these cases, specific areas are targeted for soothing, healing, and other therapeutic benefits including reduction of pain and soreness.


While there are several approaches to animal massage, we start with a Kinetics assessment (visual observation and muscle testing). This allows us to determine and prioritize the needs of the animal. We also use Swedish techniques (used to warm the muscle tissues), assistive and resistive range of motion and traditional acupressure. Sessions will vary depending upon the needs of your pet and the goal of the pet owner. In other words, a geriatric session will vary from a program designed for the athletic dog.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what frequency an animal should receive massage. An assessment should be done prior to any procedures, and recommendations can be made based on the needs of the animal and the goals of the pet owner. Massage is not intended to be a substitute for traditional veterinary care. With that being said, it can absolutely be a good compliment to veterinary treatment under the direct supervision and advice of the veterinarian.

Finding the right provider

Once you have decided animal massage is right for your pet, it’s time to find the right provider. It’s important to know that whoever you choose, they are committed to your pet’s well-being. Since animals don’t have a voice of their own, it’s up to the provider to be sensitive to your pet’s reactions and have a broad understanding of an animal’s body language, knowing what they are thinking and feeling.

  • Ask your veterinarian for recommendations
  • Look for a provider that is open to explaining their techniques and procedures
  • Check their references and testimonials online

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