Loving Tribute and Memory – Maggie Mae

November 27, 2019


A tribute and in memory of Maggie Mae.  Alyssa & Mike Potochny adopted Maggie Mae 5 years ago, they did not know her exact age only that she was rescued from a bad situation.
Alyssa often talked about her deep love she had for Maggie and that she was the most unconditional loving being she ever knew, in fact; she shared with me that at one point she made Maggie promise to never leave her.

When Maggie’s cancer returned, they were told their only hope was to put Maggie through chemo treatments (one doctor only gave Maggie a couple of months).  They could not bear the thought of subjecting her to what they considered to be an indignity because of what a terrible previous life she had, so they turned to me because they wanted to provide her with comforting palliative care through massage and to give her the best life possible.  We had great results with Maggie and on the evenings that I worked on her she rested peacefully and at times showed improvement.

Then, just like many of us; there comes a time when the pet parent knows that it is “time”, that their beloved pet is no longer is enjoying their life.  It is gut wrenching, we all have that one special pet, they are all truly wonderful gifts – but there are times when you have an extraordinary connection, this was true for the Potochny family.

In Maggie’s memory, the family filled a basket of dog toys and donated it to a local rescue so that each dog adopted will receive a toy.  Alyssa said she made Maggie promise to never leave her – well, Maggie Mae has kept that promise because she will always be with Allysa & Mike forever and ever.