What are some benefits for animal massage?

October 6, 2017

  • Reason #1, it enhances quality of life
  • Helps to maintain/restore flexibility, ROM (range of motion)
  • Increases or rebalances circulation (blood, lymph, cerebral-spinal fluid and oxygen
  • Can strengthen the body by stimulating muscles and increases muscle tone and use
  • Helps to develop trust and become more sociable
  • It energizes the mind and increases alertness
  • The ability to go on longer walks/enjoying walks again
  • Return to normal activities e.g. up/down stairs, in/out of car
  • Better movement, gait and posture
  • Addresses the whole body and patterns of overcompensation, not just one limb or the back
  • Helps to rehabilitate muscular injury e.g. strain
  • Reduces irritation to sensory nerve endings found in fascia resulting in a dog more willing to be groomed/examined/petted